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Mr. Quibly

Principal Johnson


Whitney might not admit it in public, but Malik is her closest pal. Because of his long dreadlocks, pre-pubescent voice and cherubic face, Malik could be mistaken for a girl. But don't let the smooth taste fool ya: Mailk is one of the 'hardest' boys at George Washington Jackson Jr. Middle school--or at least that's what he thinks.

All of Malik's thug antics can't camoflouage the fact that he is one of the brightest kids in the 7th grade--and highly respected by Whitney--but don't tell him we told you so.

Malik has dreams of becoming a famous rapper, but to appease his parents he plans to moonlight as a civic engineer.

Malik's right eye, which he covers with a headband, hasn't been seen since the 5th grade. It has been said that he lost it two years ago in an alley scuffle with the notorious Peabody boys.


Sondra's quiet nature brings balance to the sometimes explosive personalities of Whitney and Malik. Sondra shares Whitney's love for books and is quite a sucker for romance novels. Like Whitney she works for the school newspaper but in a different capacity--as a photo journalist. She is rarely seen without her camera and someday hopes to have her photos showcased in Time and National Geographic.

The photo of Whitney (above) was slyly taken by Sondra as Whitney gets her "groove on." Dancing is something Whitney loves to do when noone is looking.


Mr. Quibly is GWJJ's English teacher, gym instructor and resident hunk. He serves as a father figure for many of the school's students and is extremely peaceful and caring. Only foolish pupils take this as a sign of weakness, however, because when provoked, the 6'4" 240 pound Quibley can make any class quiver in fear. He takes pride in his star students and Whitney is no exception, she and Malik are two of the most decorated students in his class.
Mr. Quibly is popular among female students and staff, but his biggest fan is the very married Principal Arnetta J. Johnson. With the exception of the notorious Cash twins and Peabody boys, Quibly is the person most likely to be called to the principal's office.


Arnetta J Johnson. is an aging southern belle and former beauty pageant queen who ended up in the education field after briefly dating a school superintendent in the eary 1980's.

She enjoys working with children at school but is glad that she doesn't have to take any of them home with her. Mrs. Johnson and her husband have created a very cozy home life that she vowed would never include kids. Arnetta J. Johnson is extremely afraid of what having children would do to her figure, which she keeps a close eye on.

Another figure that Arnetta has her eyes set on is Mr. Quibley.

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